Monthly Archives: January 2013

Getting rid of paper

Just over a week and I am getting into the spirit of Evernote.  It is an amazing feat to not bookmark on my computer but send it to Evernote and then to be able to access it at work, home or on my Ipod.  I hope that I keep up this aspect as all the technology at my fingertips was driving me crazy as to where I was when I was working on something.  I also did a search for a portable scanner after the Evernote recommended one (Doxie One)  wasn’t available when I went to the store.  If I am lucky my own scanner might be at home when I arrive starting a paper purge!


Evernote is my first challenge!

I have heard of Evernote from many sources and I even downloaded it on my ipod and computer but there is sat.  So it is 2013 and I have decided to take the Challenge and Evernote is my first technology.  It is Friday and I have updated Evernote – just because I didn’t use it didn’t mean it was up-to-date on my technology.  I have now emailed myself over 30 notes and created three notebooks BUT I still don’t think I have even gotten my feet wet – if everything I have read is correct.  I am just getting my feet wet.  Next week will bring new challenges I am sure!